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Sutter Health — США

“The new 50-micron multimode cable, capable of pushing 10 Gb/s through our backbone is worth the investment as it becomes the solution to our long-term WAN, MAN and LAN networks,” states Todd Gedde, project manager with Sutter Health Support Services – Information Technology (IT).

Sutter Health, one of the nation’s leading not-for-profit networks of community-based health care providers, has recently installed one of the most capable high-speed cabling infrastructures in their new 100,000-square-foot IT headquarters in Mather, California.

This infrastructure includes Draka Comteq USA, Inc.’s (www.drakacomteq.com) MaxCap, one of the industry’s first 50 micron 10- gigabit multimode fiber optic cables and the only one produced with a unique PCVD process.

“Since technology is IT’s business, and we’re always looking for advances that will positively impact patient care – we wanted to install the latest and greatest networking system in our own facility as a template for how we could upgrade capabilities at our hospital and medical group locations,” said Emil Versoza, senior network engineer for Sutter Health. “We installed 48 fibers in the backbone, which was more than we currently required. Installing the extra fiber during the construction of the building, we have eliminated bottlenecks in our backbone, which would have ultimately slowed down our LAN and WAN environment.”

Where New Technology is Critical

Sutter Health is a regional leader in infant deliveries, neonatology, orthopedics, pediatrics and critical care services. With hospitals, medical groups, outpatient clinics, long-term care facilities and research centers in more than 100 Northern California communities, data storage and high-speed applications are a critical priority to the operations and take precedence with the IT team.

Sutter’s IT team currently includes over 400 employees – clinical integration staffs and telecommunications, web team, IT administration and IT security. The team is responsible for implementing applications and planning all telecommunications in new or renovated facilities. The new facility manages 1,800 data and voice locations and includes an isolated Interoperability Lab to test new applications, which operates on a separate 48-fiber backbone.

From GigaMAN® to 10 Gigabit LAN

“Sutter Health was one of the first in the Sacramento area to implement GigaMAN between its metro sites,” said Chris Kennedy, RCDD, network engineer for Sutter Health. (GigaMAN is a new fiber optic system provided by the local area access provider, Pacific Bell.) “Since we are keeping our network close to the leading edge, we didn’t want to impede our LAN system and therefore chose 10 Gb/s multimode fiber. Most of our applications at the desk are pushing 100 Mb/s though. With the MaxCap fiber backbone we will be ready to easily push one gigabit from our desk without compromising our network. This may take a year, but we’re ready.”

“MaxCap, by Draka Comteq USA, Inc., is constructed with a unique optical fiber produced by our sister company, Draka Fibre Technology in Eindhoven, The Netherlands,” explained Rob Gilberti, RCDD, director of marketing for fiber products for Draka Comteq USA, Inc. “The PCVD process produces a new laser optimized fiber utilizing VCSEL transceivers for higher bandwidths at a wavelength at 850 nm. This provides a high-speed, cost-effective solution without the need for singlemode fiber, which requires expensive laser technology operating at either 1310 or 1550 nm, while eliminating the need for expensive mode-conditioning patch cords.”

“Most legacy systems use an LED source with standard 50 micron which only operates up to 86 meters for 10 GbE systems, whereas the new laser optimized MaxCap can operate up to 300 meters, making it ideal for demanding bandwidth-intensive LAN backbones,” added Gilberti. “The patented PCVD process is well-recognized in the industry as the best method to produce high performance multimode fibers due to the ability to deposit several thousand layers in the core region, compared to several hundred layers in processes used by other fiber manufacturers,” confirmed Harry van der Meer, director of Technology for Draka Comteq USA, Inc.

Delivering the data

Within the two-story IT facility, there is one main cross-connect (MC) and three intermediate cross connects (IC) connected with two parallel redundant runs of 24 fibers each. All cable and termination equipment was supplied as a total end-to-end structured cabling solution through Draka-Molex Cabling Systems (www.drakamolex.com), the strategic technology alliance between Draka Comteq USA, Inc., and Molex Premise Networks (www.molexpn.com).

In the equipment rack, the fiber optic backbone is spliced into multiple 48-port fiber enclosures, with the lab housing the 24-port FMS Termination Drawers, all of which utilize the unique Molex SC Shuttered Connector. “This proprietary shutter connector design prevents users from possible retina damage from exposed lasers in open fiber ports,” said Allan Banks, Bandwidth Technologies, (Elk Grove, Calif.) the manufacturer’s representative for Draka-Molex Cabling Systems (www.btreps.com).

From there the fiber optic backbone is patched over to network switches that support the horizontal wiring. Molex high-density patch panels provide a physical connection between the network switches and the devices at the workstations. Category 6 cabling is terminated on Molex 48-port DataGate™ Patch Panels and the voice connections are terminated on 300-pair KATT blocks in the four telecommunication rooms.

“With their anticipation of running data applications of one gigabit to the desktop, we supplied SuperCAT1000 Category 6 cable as the horizontal cabling,” said Scott Scholz, western regional manager for Draka Comteq USA, Inc. “With the applications that Sutter Health is running over both the copper plant and ultimately through the fiber backbone, Category 6 to the desk doubles the bandwidth of Category 5e cabling and vastly improved signal-to-noise margins, which is critical for all their data needs.”

The Category 6 cables at each workstation were terminated into USO II workstation outlets for both the hard walls and the modular furniture. Designed to accommodate copper and fiber optic connectors, the DataGate jack terminated two voice and two data at each outlet. “Ninety percent of all cabling network failures are due to jack and plug mating problems,” said Banks. “Each DataGate jack is designed with a built-in spring-loaded shutter to provide a secure connection between the cable and the connectivity in the closets and at the desktops. Not only does the shutter protect the connector from dust and contaminants, but it also rejects an improperly seated patch cord.”

Protecting the Investment

“The investment of our high-speed, state-of-the-art system is only as good as it’s a guarantee,” said Kennedy. “Together with Allan Banks, who was instrumental in specifically detailing the RFQ, we selected Data-Com Cable Inc., (www.datacomcable.com), Livermore, California as the installer. By specifying a certified Draka-Molex Cabling Systems installer, we were provided with a 25- year, three-part warranty which includes products, system performance and application assurance.”
“I wanted to assure Sutter Health that the MaxCap backbone fiber combined with the warranted Category 6 horizontal will address bandwidth issues that affect voice, data and video intensive technologies for today, as well as those of tomorrow,” Banks said. “I also have a personal interest Sutter Health’s drive for advanced technology as each of my two children, who both were born under two pounds at Sutter hospital are healthy survivors. They are known as ‘miracle babies’, thanks to the organization’s commitment to improving patient care through such technological advancements.”

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