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Dodane Holding — Франция

Dodane Holding is a group of 4 companies, founded in 1976 – The group designs and develops innovative products to meet evolving customer demands in the domain of woodworking tools. Dodane Holding is well-known and respected among hardware tools distributors for providing quality, value-added products and services for the marketplace. As a result of company expansion, Dodane had built a new facility on the opposite side of the road to its existing building in Saint Clair de la Tour and needed a solution to connect the two. The issue of linking the facilities came very late in the project phase, giving the installer the issue of adhering to a tight timescale. These potentially complicated issues, combined with countering the vibrations of the metallic structure of the building and finding a solution to the expense of renting existing conduits meant that the installer, LibertyLan had an additional challenge on their hands.

The Molex Solution

Dodane’s networking requirements meant that high bandwidth was crucial to allow at least 40 users with real time applications to function simultaneously. This, combined with the location difficulties meant that Free Space Optics (FSO) was the ideal solution. After assessing Dodane’s needs LibertyLan, Dodane’s chosen installer, implemented a pair of Canobeam MFSO-120 on Pelco mounting brackets. Christian Hascoët, Technical Director at LibertyLan commented: “We’re extremely experienced in the FSO domain, and choosing the Canobeam solution from Molex was the obvious choice for our customer, Molex has always provided prompt answers and comprehensive solutions to our customers’ needs”.


Although existing conduits between the two buildings were available, rental of these came at a significant premium. Without the FSO solution, Dodane would have had to double their networking budget. Implementing Canobeam allowed the customer to make savings on the active equipment and still receive a high quality solution within the desired time frames. “We needed the advantage of a high bandwidth Fibre Optic link, without the drawback of getting it installed across the road – Canobeam is the ideal solution to achieve costs savings with that respect.” said Richard-Arnaud Cuchet of Dodane Holdings. As part of the service and project, LibertyLan also designed and implemented a secondary backup link over a WORP (Wireless Outdoor Router Protocol — a hertzian wave wireless backbone with Satellites) network to ensure that the system will automatically and temporarily switch to the WORP network should a problem occur with the FSO link.


Completed within schedule in March 2008, the installation of the Canobeam MFSO-120 has proved to be the ideal solution to Dodane’s requirements. When it came to choosing a product, there was never any hesitation for Christian Hascoët, Technical Director at LibertyLan — “We have always felt secure with the professionalism and the technical expertise of Molex engineers”

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