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Bank of China — Китай

The Molex cabling system provides strong support for various advanced communications, information systems and management equipment for the Bank of China. The system ensures a platform for future upgrades and the Molex cabling system provides an excellent infrastructure for the Dalian Bank of China, resulting in an efficient, comfortable and convenient environment.
Professor Zhang Shaohua said, “Since the cabling system is a long-term investment for the Bank of China, we need an effective, reliable and easy to install cabling solution. The  structured system of Molex Premise Networks is the ideal choice for the Bank of
The Dalian Bank of China deployed the Molex cabling system partly based on Molex’ successful record of previous installations in the North East China region, including: —

  • The Dalian Asia-Pacific International Financial Center (2000 outlets),
  • Dalian Hilton Hotel (2600 outlets),
  • Dalian Digital Plaza, Shenyang Jinsha Plaza (4800 outlets)
  • Dalian Zhongshan Financial Center (2000 points)

The local office in Dalian provided excellent product and technical support. The local distributor, Dalian Zifeng Technology Co., Ltd. also provided quick response and on-time delivery of products. Molex has a lot of authorised installers with extensive technical strengths and rich engineering experience. These authorised installers provide high quality services to their customers, like the Dalian Lafayette Control Engineering Co., Ltd.

Installation and Implementation

The total cabling system for the Dalian Bank of China was installed by Molex authorised installer, Dalian Lafayette Control Engineering Co., Ltd. During the design phase, the installer designed the system according to the needs of the Bank of China and recommended Molex’ unique cabling solutions. In the initial engineering phase, the conduits and cabling were placed according to the design blueprints and detailed checks were conducted on run direction, placement, height, process and materials. Details on installing PDS were also closely monitored, ensuring organised cabling, reasonable layout and neat appearance, meeting all network communication and transmission requirements.
According to Professor Zhang Shaohua, “Molex PDS provides a complete end-to-end copper and fibre solution. Streamlined cabling management and modular patch panels combined with well-designed cabling system, effectively meets the electrical requirements.
These systems are easy to install and helped us complete the installation smoothly.”
The Dalian Bank of China project was completed very smoothly aided by the streamlined work schedule, experienced cabling engineers and technicians and the use of high quality components and materials. The Bank of China project passed the stringent installation testing based on the existing MII standards and EIA/TIA568, ISO11801 and other international Category 5E standards. Molex provides a Global 25-Year Product, System Performance and Application Assurance Warranty.

User Feedback

Professor Zhang Shaohua further commented, “The implementation of Molex PDS fully meets the high level requirements of all systems in the building. The building occupancy was already 70% when the installation was six months into completion. The Dalian Bank of China has become the classic standard in high-level office buildings in Dalian. The Molex system is excellent and all voice and data outlets have been provisioned. Molex products are of high quality and performance.”

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